Being a mother

Motherhood happened pretty late for me, considering the number of years we waited to get pregnant. I can still not forget the day my test came positive (it still feels unbelievable).

Its been an exceedingly excruciating, equally exhilarating, journey since my son was born. Its been five years, and each day still feels  different, with different challenges and discoveries.

I am telling all this, because I plan to share everything that I have gone through and learnt. Purely with the  purpose of reliving those moments, and maybe helping other mothers …

Coming next…the motherhood journey…the memorable times , hard times, challenges, excitement..everything that i have lived……




Published by: Pooja Grover

If my blogs can make a single person feel better for a single moment, the purpose of sharing my knowledge is served to a great extent. I want to connect, gain, give, share and learn. I explore fields of technology, business, wellness and anything else that intrigues me.

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