Becoming a parent: Desire arises

As promised in the previous post, I will be starting a series of posts for describing my journey as a parent till now :). I am still contemplating from which point should I start..ok, sol et me start from the days when we were struggling to have a baby. All those couples who have gone through this phase, must know how depressing it can get. Raising hopes every month, followed by disappointments.The utterly confusing world of the so called

‘state of the art medical tests’, sitting for hours in doctor’s waiting rooms, trying hard to understand the working of fallopian tubes, ovaries, sperms, eggs, the list only gets bigger. Add to that, the sense of shame a woman feels in baring herself for the tests and the delivery, cannot be ignored. I am glad that its over now 🙂

In short, it was a tough and long wait. I guess, no matter what you do, the kid is gonna come only when He decides to come :).

Hay wait, all is not that gloomy 🙂 The nine months of pregnancy are memorable. Following the baby’s growth every month, waiting for the kicks, heartbeat, all that is quite a lot of fun 🙂

Will give details of pregnancy time in my next post…c ya then.. 🙂





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