Becoming a parent: Pregnancy

Hi friends!

In continuation of the previous blog Becoming a parent:Desire arises, I want to share the stories of my pregnancies. The first pregnancy is so magical, you are awestruck at every stage, every milestone, the growth, and definitely the bodily changes that a woman is going through.

The first trimester is full of morning sickness. And there are no visible physical signs of the pregnancy..The doctor visits and tests start. In the second trimester, the glow starts showing on the face, and so people start asking questions, sharing the secret with some, and denying to others. The books on pregnancy have plenty of ultrasound pics giving an idea about the looks of the foetus, its size and shape. So the latest craze is to check out those developments at weekly stages.

The third trimester starts showing the signs on the outside, the bump starts appearing, overall a very beautiful feeling. As the weight increases now steadily, doing small chores gets difficult. I developed some peculiar type of itching everywhere, and that gave me a tough time. I was also diagnosed with gestation diabetes, so had to take insulin shots 3 times a day.

My water broke way before the expected date. I was admitted in the hospital, and diagnosed as some minor leakage. As we were planning and packing up to get back home after being admitted for 3 days, my labor started. That was quite a surprise. And in another 3-4 hrs, my son was born through normal delivery .

The life changes full 360 degrees henceforth! 🙂


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