Becoming a parent: Baby arrives

This post is in continuation of my previous blog in the parenting series,Becoming a parent:pregnancy

So,  life has changed completely since my son was born.  Changes have been gradual but drastic none the less.
For one,  there is nothing like ‘ my time’  now.  Even if in the rarest of rare cases you do manage to be out of sight of the kid,  he is still going to take up all your mental space.. Always worrying what the kid is doing,  is he safe,  is he fed,  the list goes on and now.  So I don’t exaggerate when I say that ‘ my time’  is going to be your biggest luxury from now on.
The vaccinations start,  and they just don’t seem to end till the age of 2..And they don’t come cheap these days.. So this is where all the splurging is going to  happen 🙂
Getting clothes for the kid somehow
turns out to be the latest craze.. You’d get all the dresses that you can get your hands on..realising how soon the kid out grows them..
There’s lots more to share.. And I  am kind of snoozing away 🙂  So,  would continue in the next post.. C ya lovely people..


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