Challenges of raising kids in these times

I feel that being a parent is the most fulfilling role that we play in the world (my personal view :)). Along with the many beautiful and mesmerising moments, come many challenges. These challenges may and may not have solutions :). And the solutions may or may not be same for all kids and at all times.

  • To get the kids outdoor to play. With so many comfort centric options these days like iPad, video games, smart tv etc, its hard to get outdoors for that physical rush. Moreover, with the extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold, rains, mosquitoes), we have become a generation of paranoid parents. And a confession, I as a parent become lazy many times, the thought of going out in these extreme conditions puts me off as well :D.
  • Answering their never ending list of questions. The challenge is that I myself don’t know the answer to so many of them πŸ˜€ . And how to not lose your cool when the questions don’t end while your brain is all swollen πŸ˜€
  • Food. This is the trickiest. Each kid is different, their level of physical activity, their physiological needs, their appetites, their tantrums. I am still working on it
  • What sports/activities to get your child to do. With so many options available, it gets crazy sometimes. The challenge is to keep your head straight,figure out your kid’s interest area and stamina, and then pick up something that he will enjoy doing. Our times were simple, I played all my childhood in the friendly neighbourhood park with my neighbourhood friends, nothing complicated( enjoyed most in the mud and rain) πŸ˜€
  • Trying to get them independent. As we are so obsessed with our kids these days, we want to do everything for them. But in the long run, its bad for both of you. The kid doesn’t gain confidence in himself, and for you, you are always on call πŸ˜€

There are more points, I would add them in my next post. till then ciao πŸ™‚






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