challenges of raising kids part 2

Good morning lovely people.

In continuation of my previous post  challenges of raising kids in these times :

  • Try not to put the burden of your success or failure on their tiny shoulders. I have learnt it the hard way. Be neutral in your reaction towards them when they excel, or when they are not upto your expectations. This tells them that your love is unconditional, it is not their performance dependent. Comparisons lead to unnecessary and never ending cycle of pressure on kids. Do encourage them to do better than themselves, at every stage. Let them be their own competition. The hidden advantage of not linking your feelings of success/failure with theirs is that you get the chance to explore your own individuality and identity. You link your success with your own discoveries and achievements. And that can open a whole new world for you to look forward to.
  • As a parent, I am very scared and worried for my kids. Scared of predators, traffic, poisoned food, storm/rain/heat, water, fall…almost anything and everything. The problem is am I turning them too into scared individuals. How would they learn to trust their surroundings and people around them if I would keep  pointing at the dangers at every step? I am trying to figure this out. Experienced parents can give me some tips on this 🙂

I think I have covered the major points that I can think of. Thanks for reading them. Bye


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