How educated are we? are we?

Its so amazing  how things coincide in life,  how  different experiences lead to some concrete solutions.
I had been wondering since a few days are these never ending years of education that we go through,  are they really serving  the purpose of making us wiser and better humans? Are we really happier and better off?

And then my maid remarks out of her frustration ” saare kaamchor log par rahe hain 😀 ”   ( nobody in her family helps her, everyone is studying :D)
And this got my brain factory churning out the obvious. All the geography,  history,  chemistry, calculus and what not,  I don’t think it has helped me at all,  other than keeping me busy while I could be playing  and dreaming :).  And the dilemma is that I would have to make my kids mug all this up, to become acceptable.
Had I been taught life skills,  oneness of people,  happiness,  contribution,  sharing,  dealing with uncertainties in life, the importance of people, I would be sleeping better now.!
Discarding the futile,  I could have learnt the useful stuff in half the number of years :D. I feel that even engineering years could have been cut down to one from four,  if all the calculus, physics, chemistry,electric circuits (and other crazy things that I don’t even remember now)  were left out 🙂
So how educated are we? Do we feel we are living happier and fulfilling lives? Do we get empowered, or on the contrary we limit our capabilities by being biased (I am this much qualified, so I shouldnot be doing this..)?

Left to introspection for one. Have a great day lovely people.


2 thoughts on “How educated are we? are we?”

  1. I think more than feeling that time was wasted on learning the subjects that we might not use in our daily lives, we should realise that all the sciences, social studies, geography and maths has contributed its share in shaping our personalities. Think of doctors or engineers or researchers – how would they do theit job if they were not qualified for it? However, it is certainly a matter of regret that other skills like life skills, spiritual knowledge, importance of humanity, dealing with problems, dealing with diseases and death had not been taught to us. We learnt it as experiences from life. Education will be more meaningful and complete if all these were also included as part of the curriculum for next generation. Like wise adding the importance of exercise, correct diet and enough time to relax and play would provide a balanced approach. In the end, no matter what we are taught, life itself becomes the biggest teacher because it provides learning via direct experiences.


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