what our kids teach us

My kids have been my greatest life teachers in the time I can remember now. Sometimes I am amazed, and sometimes just lost in wonder how such tiny individuals can teach such profound lessons.

  • Slow down This one was the toughest for me to understand and incorporate. All our lives we are taught to remain ahead, move fast,  ace the rat race. These guys are just the opposite. If you want to live their lives at their pace, you really need to slow down. Slow down to listen to them, they cannot give crisp and short summary of their talk 🙂 . Slow down to feel their smile get into your heart, slow down while they learn and absorb everything around them, that you have already learnt and don’t want to spend time learning them again :D.
  • Finding happiness in smallest of things Well for them, an electronic gadget and an empty coke bottle maynot be much different, in the level of pleasure that can be derived from them. They can spend lot of time with boxes, sticks, bottles, discovering and getting amazed, with that sparkle in the eye (and sometimes you want to run away when you see 2 of them fighting over that empty bottle 😀 ). This helps me realise the importance of things in life that we ignore because of their obscurity.
  • They teach us to be truthful Since they are all clean untouched by what the world teaches 😀 , they do not accept anything that doesn’t seem right to them. And being inquisitive that they are, you just cannot give half baked explanations and reasons. So being truthful with them is the only way to be 🙂
  • Patience in a lot of things. Most difficult is when you need it to make  them stronger. When they fall, and you need to pretend nothing happened, that they should get up on their own (as in all other dimensions of life).
    Patience to hold back when you see some injustice, because you want them to learn to stand up for themselves, and that life is not fair always.
    Because mama is not going to be there with them all the time. Hard fact!
  • Sleeping was never such a beautiful experience Well, hugging them in the bed just makes you forget all that’s  wrong with world 🙂 And you look forward to spending another beautiful day with them.


My list gets exhausted for now, need my morning dose of tea . Catch up later 🙂




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