Becoming a parent:Infancy

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog Becoming a parent:pregnancy

Your biggest worry is food for the baby. Its not easy figuring out what the child is going to really like and what he is going to hate. The mess is another story altogether 🙂 .As a parent, you need lots and lots of patience feeding the child, and cleaning up later. And there is some chance that he may throw up that you took an hour to feed. Now, keeping a bold face after that is brave! 😀

Small kids usually stay awake at night, and sleep during the day. You would need to align your sleeping time along with that. That takes a toll on your health, because you cannot manage to sleep during the day to make up for it it 😦 .

When they smile, that toothless smile, you forget everything 🙂 .They look at you with those innocent and loving eyes, and you forget all the hard work that goes in raising them.

Around nine months, you would start wondering about the baby’s crawling. Some start crawling that early, some even after a year. Its normal both ways. And some kids don’t crawl at all, they just start walking directly. And when they fall on those bottoms when learning to walk, those poor bottoms, you just wanna give them big hugs 😀 .

Once they start walking, you need to get all your valuables out of their reach. They would start exploring everything around them. Your worrying times start, because every second you would need to be watchful of their movements. you need to be careful that they don’t put any dangerous things in their mouths. They love to explore everything with mouth, so you just cannot be callous.

I will talk about toddlerhood in my next post, till then 🙂


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