Simplicity in life

How important is it to live a  simple life?

While all the glamour around us points to the opposite, real peace and happiness lies in being simple in everything we do.

Simplicity in work and simplicity in words.

Simple heart, simple mind. Simple  thoughts, simple actions.

Simplicity in relationships.

Most importantly, simple living makes it easier to survive, with lesser expenditures.Your life is pretty much peaceful. And You don’t worry much to keep up with lavish lifestyle.
And the fact is whatever is glitzy today will turn dull and hard to maintain someday. Like us. So, be selective.

Even our bodies respond better to simple food, healthy food.

It’s ok to splurge once in a while for that car, house, jewellery, exotic food, foreign vacation you’ve been desiring for sometime. They do provide comfort and momentary gratification( and the itch doesn’t go away easily) 🙂 .

Be a simple Being .


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