Tantrums, or is something bothering them

Many a times, the kids start behaving in an unexpected manner just out of no where. The initial reaction  is to look at the current situations and surroundings. You keep finding solutions, trying to fulfil their current demands .

And it doesn’t help.

It’s easy then to brand them as unpredictable and problematic.

Mostly, it’s something else, something deeper that’s bothering them. Maybe they got scolded by a loved one, and they didn’t like it. Or they are missing someone. Can be some of those things that  cannot be easily expressed by kids.

Listening to them and spending caring time with them, helps diffuse the situation.
Lesson learnt, don’t blame or abhor them. It makes us feel guilty later, and difficult for them to learn dealing with their emotions.

Reverence of these little gifts from God leads to a peaceful relationship. Give them loads and loads of benefit of doubt. The gap between their ability to express and our ability to understand leads to difficulties. We are generally very closed minded by now because of all that we have learnt, and lack of time per say 🙂 .

Stop and listen to them. Hug them 😀


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