The struggle to be me

As a child, the struggle to work at my pace. To live upto parental expectation, which is far from own interest and capacity 😦 .

As an adolescent, the struggle to keep up with peer and societal pressures. The academic jargon and fears of life ahead.

As a young person, the struggle to make a decent living. The struggle to understand what it takes to be a good partner, to develop and sustain a loving relation 🙂 .

Being a parent now, struggling every moment within. Struggling to be a good mother, to not be guided (misguided) by fads around. Struggling to let kids live the way they love, at their pace. To not tarnish their innocence, by turning them into displays of my success or failure.
To let them be.

Struggling the most  to fight with my ownself. To fight  the anger that erupts when things don’t happen my way.

The struggle every now and then to be just me!

photo credits: Manik the hubby 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The struggle to be me”

  1. Thank you for. I find your words moving and so true. We spend our time thinking and struggling in doubts about the feelings and opinions of others and the uncertainty of the future ahead. We forget to live now the present with the full awareness and the loving care of our self.


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