The joy of giving

It has taken me my whole life to understand some very simple, but equally important principles of life. I wished I knew them earlier…
One such principle is to give. Focus on giving in any form. Moral or physical support, monetary help, or just listening out to someone in need. And  you really need to look out for these opportunities, because people are trained their whole lives not to go to others for help, unfortunately.
When we do everything with the perspective of helping, things become simpler. Think that you go to office to help your colleagues and others, live it that way.
Think that you are helping you friends when you discuss some common problems.
Listen to your loved ones, to help them with their day to day struggles.

And sometimes, go out of your way to give to someone unrelated.

There is a far more joy in giving,  than accumulating. For one, you have lessor things to take care of 😛 .
The next time you get something for yourself, get one for your friend, sister, helper, parent, partner :D.  There is tremendous joy in the whole process, far more than anticipated. Because, it caters to our core quality of giving and helping, which somehow takes a backseat  in the day to day struggles.

Most of the times, you are rewarded back in larger numbers in most surprising ways.It happens so many times with me, the moment I perform even the tiniest act of giving, I receive back in much bigger amount. Good way to stay motivated 😀 .

A little out of context,today I am extremely happy 🙂 . My first baby ( my niece) has been rewarded by the Almighty for her hard work. Her dream for which she slogged day and night, has been fulfilled (parents good karma also at play I think ☺). She is the one who showed me for the first time the real joys of being with a baby. Doll, I cried when you were born, and I cried today ( tears of joy :D) ! Got a little off track,  but can’t control my emotions 😀 😀
Have a wonderful day lovely people, probably by giving away something 🙂 .


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