Abundance in emptiness

Ironical as it may sound, there lie abundant opportunities in exploring emptiness 🙂 .

Every once in a while, empty your treasure troves, cupboards and boxes. This way you create opportunities to fill in newer and exciting possessions, something to look forward to 🙂 .

Open an empty notebook, and start a new chapter in whatever you like and want to pursue. That new notebook will keep you motivated to add new chapters.

Empty your head when all efforts don’t lead anywhere. At that time, don’t bother to strain your brain. Just remain empty and feel light 🙂 . Do things that seem insignificant. And see how solutions walk up to you with utter ease!

And every once in a while, empty your heart. Despite all the big talk and positive attitude, we become vulnerable and feel week sometimes. Talk to a concerned soul if the heart feels heavy.
Shed tears, become empty and feel light 🙂 . And get back to your strong self 😀 .

Good night dear friends 😀 .



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