Becoming a parent: 3 to 6 years

For those who are new, this blog is in continuation of my previous post in the series Becoming a parent: toddlerhood .

So, the kid is turning big now! A complete individual whose demands, feelings and words cannot be ignored 😀 .  Its time to start enquiring about formal schools in the locality. Talk to neighbours, relatives and friends. Look for reviews online. Spend good amount of time in research before deciding on the school. Because, not just the child, you too would become a virtual member of the school. You would be required to do all the running around for the dresses, projects and other items as ordered :D.

The euphoria of seeing the kid in uniform is unexplainable. It just feels so good ! Initially though :D. It becomes a routine soon. Keeping a tab on his hair, nails, clothes would also become a regular chore to keep up with the school discipline.

Its very easy to set unrealistic expectations for your child at this early stage. You want to see him do well in studies, extra-curricular activities, competitions and so on. Just remember that he is very very small and fresh at this stage. Don’t pressurise. Just Follow his lead. Understand his capacity and his interests.

Its time to  start making friends. Kids need kids company now. They want to play running around, interacting and telling/making stories :D. Cannot escape birthday parties of those friends, and organising parties for them :D.

They are trying to learn a lot at this stage. They ask lots of questions, and are very inquisitive. Its best to answer as many of those questions, to the best of your abilities 😀 .

Another very important point suggested by an experienced parent, encourage them to play a lot. Any kind of play, physical, pretend, guided, random, alone, with friends, and with you:D. Playing helps them go deep into their imagination, encourages them to get creative and explore their qualities. As parents, we are awestruck so many times seeing their creations out of play 😀 .

‘ Becoming a parent ‘ series ends here as my kids are still in this age bracket. Would keep writing about day to day experiences with these bundles of joy 🙂 .


Photo credits: Karan, my nephew 🙂





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