Be one with everyone

Disparity creates loneliness. It leads to a sense of fear and constant restlessness. It’s not the end of the world yet, though 😉 .

Start feeling one with everyone. It makes you a larger person and your world gets bigger.

When you consider other kids as belonging to your own clan, you become a virtual parent to more kids. A major feat in itself 😀 !

When you become one with everyone in your work team, you understand their limitations and qualities. The team then works in tandem for a similar cause, as one. You are no more a part of the team, you are the team 🙂 .

And then as a habit when you treat your driver, helper, partner and child as you would treat yourself, your loneliness starts vanishing. They treat you as their own, as a natural reciprocation!

When you are a part of a bigger world, you feel more fulfilled and cared for. That helps in erasing the constant restlessness of our lives.

And in this process, while you take care of others, the Universal powers start taking care of you in the most subtle ways 😀 .

Start going easy on ‘ me and my ‘ ,  grow and expand by embracing ‘ we, our and us ‘ !

because we are created as one, and we end as one.

Have a great weekend lovely people 🙂 .

photo credits: Niharika





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