no glory in suffering

As a young person, I had lots of misconceptions and illformed notions about life. It could have been the the result of how I perceived things around me while growing up, or the principles that existed at that time.

An absolutely flawed belief that I had somehow come up with was, suffering makes you a better person. I am good if I don’t get myself what I need, out of sacrifice.Well, just ditch this belief, if you are also sailing in the same boat 😀 .

If you are suffering everyday , going through discomfort, making a sacrifice, out of some perceived calculations or beliefs, then just stop. If you save some money by suffering day in and day out, you may face a far bigger loss. Suffering attracts suffering! And the cycle just keeps going on. It would be way better to first take care of your situation. There would be a thousand and one other ways to make positive sacrifices for the same people. Your future may not be exactly as calculated, but your present would be good. We can make minor adjustments to our future desires, but we would be assuredly happy now.

I believe that there is no glory in sacrificing your peace of mind over petty things, when you are sufficiently provided for. There is no glory in counting pennies. The energy that is used up in these day to day small things, can be used up for far more creative and pleasurable endeavours. Our energy reserve is pretty much constant. To use it for worrying or pleasure, is totally upto us.

In all practical terms, it is way easier to fulfill your needs now a days due the multiple financial aids available. I would say, keeping a balanced outlook, get yourself what you need to be happy . Don’t put ’till I save x amount’ clause to get what is essential. Get what is important for your happiness 🙂 .




3 thoughts on “no glory in suffering”

  1. Thank you for your messages of wisdom and peaceful love. For a long time, I limited my dreams because I was scared. I wanted to be moderate with everything and now I realize how life is beautiful and all the possibilities it offers. I am changing my ways of thinking and being. I feel free to dream big and it feels great.


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