What my broken phone reminded me of..

The fact that our phones have become our lifelines these days is quite obvious.  And when it stops responding,  you fret.

When my phone couldn’t survive my little one’s over enthusiastic sprint,  I panicked! How was I ever going to run my life without it? I almost trembled  :D.

After some moments,  some of my things were up and running on laptop.  And sometime after that I found an old phone which took care of some of my other needs.  Hubby dear fixed some more things,  and I was happy and surviving well 🙂 .

So,  what was I reminded of?  Impermanence. And resurgence.

That we are not in control of things around us in literal terms.  That we should bear some level of detachment with our possessions. That we can resurface after failures and changes, the most important lesson of all.

We should create options in life,  and not be dependent on a few things.  Financially speaking,  this could mean that we create multiple income streams. Our life shouldn’t come to a standstill if any one inflow fails.  At other levels,  create a network of loved ones,  and try to expand it. Invest your energy and efforts in creating a bigger family.

And watch out for your mobile,  your little one might  be planning on drowning it. Just kidding 😀

Have a great evening lovely people 🙂 .


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