Be one with everyone

Being Pooja

Disparity creates loneliness. It leads to a sense of fear and constant restlessness. It’s not the end of the world yet, though 😉 .

Start feeling one with everyone. It makes you a larger person and your world gets bigger.

When you consider other kids as belonging to your own clan, you become a virtual parent to more kids. A major feat in itself 😀 !

When you become one with everyone in your work team, you understand their limitations and qualities. The team then works in tandem for a similar cause, as one. You are no more a part of the team, you are the team 🙂 .

And then as a habit when you treat your driver, helper, partner and child as you would treat yourself, your loneliness starts vanishing. They treat you as their own, as a natural reciprocation!

When you are a part of a bigger world…

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Published by: Pooja Grover

If my blogs can make a single person feel better for a single moment, the purpose of sharing my knowledge is served to a great extent. I want to connect, gain, give, share and learn. I explore fields of technology, business, wellness and anything else that intrigues me.

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