Unburden your existence. Unburden your personality. Unburden yourself. Somehow, down the years we develop this habit of feeling responsible for everything around us. And as a consequence, we try to take control of all that effects us. We feel the pressure of things that we can change, and of those that we cannot.

Let go of that pressure. Let go of the infliction to worry all the time, with or without a reason. We can do this by trusting our environment. Trusting the people, the nature and the universe at large.

Most of the people in the world are good, their conscience is as clear as ours. Their value systems are strong and righteous. So, we need to trust the world around us. There are negative elements, but the number is far less. So, we need to overlook that small percentage and trust the world around us with full hearts.

When we trust the people around us, we can delegate. Delegate, delegate, delegate.  Loosen up that control, and trust situations and people to handle whats assigned to them. The resulting state of equilibrium is magical.

And when you don’t carry the burden of everything on your shoulders, you get the space to   discover your capacity, capabilities and qualities.

Good night lovely people 🙂 .

photo credits: Manik, the hubby 🙂




2 thoughts on “Unburden”

  1. Hello Poodja, your post comes at the right time. I am living the situation you are describing because lately my two sisters made important decisions about their lives and my dad does not agree with their choices. They don’t talk to each other and I am in the middle trying to fix things and protect all of them. Not easy.


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