Forgive yourself, you are important


So you snapped at your kid/spouse/parent/colleague, didn’t live upto someone’s expectations,  couldn’t complete your todo-list and so on and on?
The guilt is now killing you,  and you are all into criticising yourself. Don’t.

Forgive yourself.

We are prone to make mistakes,  be imperfect. No matter how determined we are,  we are going to behave contrary to our own expectations.
We are humans.  Not God.

Forgive yourself as you are as important as any other person in the world.
Value yourself.  This is important as it helps in giving your best to your loved ones. Don’t strive for perfection, as the definition of perfection will keep changing.  Strive to be a sensitive human. Sensitive to yourself as well..

Hope you will be sensitive to yourself today friends 🙂
Have a wonderful day!

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Published by: Pooja Grover

If my blogs can make a single person feel better for a single moment, the purpose of sharing my knowledge is served to a great extent. I want to connect, gain, give, share and learn. I explore fields of technology, business, wellness and anything else that intrigues me.

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