Spread the goodness


In my search for peace and happiness, I came across some very beautiful stories. One of my earliest inspirations was a story of  ‘ pass it on ‘. If someone does good to you, do good to some other person that you come across, and pass the goodness. As I started bringing this in practice, I was blessed with immense satisfaction and calmness.

And this led to the journey of spreading goodness whenever a chance was presented (and when I was not too self obsessed:) ).

Since I am not an overly social and outgoing person, I try to do my bit of good in the smallest of opportunities and measures. But it makes me feel good, nonetheless:).

Thank God for that!

So, go ahead and do the good that you have been holding on, call a loved one, help a colleague, meet a friend, take your wife out…

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Published by: Pooja Grover

If my blogs can make a single person feel better for a single moment, the purpose is served. Want to connect, to gain and to give, to share and to learn,to learn about business creation, to learn about socialising, to learn about improving life

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