be quick, not in a hurry

I read this line some months back, in the least of expected  places (in a finance book). And it hit me hard, shaking me out of my imaginary stupor!

My interpretation, plan out your goals. Be strategic, and take action. Not hurry.

We have developed this ‘ hurry up, there isn’t much time left’  attitude, and we follow it all the time. All the time literally. And most of the times, there isn’t even a real deadline. we create this time boundary for ourselves. Just out of habit!

We all have the same 24hr time frame with us, whether we are running an empire, or just sitting idle šŸ˜› .

When I read this line, I realised I could do much more, and much better, by simply giving up on procrastination. And getting actionable. However small the action! Because one action leads to another, and before we know, we accomplish our goal.

The advantage, I am not instilling the  ‘hurry up’  mantra in my kids now! What a relief for them. I let them work in their world, at their pace. Not the pace I expect them to šŸ™‚ .

Have a great evening dear friends šŸ™‚ .


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