Perfectionism or otherwise

You may say I am lousy, unkempt and imperfect. There is a whole lot of freedom in being this way. It lets me be the way I am. No façade. And then I enjoy when I try to accomplish perfection in a few selected tasks. I put in my whole heart in it.

If you ask me, perfectionism is the worst plague sucking the fun and life out of us. We get so focused on the final result, and its accuracy that we stop enjoying the journey and the small steps that we take in the whole process.

I have stopped getting perturbed by the mistakes I make now, it makes me feel so real and blessed 😀 . I actually enjoy being inadequate at times. It empowers me to do way better in things that are actually a priority.

Celebrate your flaws and tardiness for once 😀 .Have a great morning friends.


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