every human is a reservoir of knowledge

We so vey often form opinions about others, within few moments of interaction with them. Sometimes, just by looking at them. We decide in our heads what kind of individuals they are, what we can gain from them, what their agendas are and so on. And sometimes, even after knowing them for long, we are not open enough to accept the greatness of others. I feel its a sin that we commit towards them.

We also kill the chances of our growth, limit ourselves to what we are, not going any further.

Every human has a blockbuster kind of life story that has lots to be told and shared! When we start listening and hearing out to others, to their lessons and experiences, we gain from that without having to go through that life.We feel their thrill 😀 .

In my experience, even the meekest of people, have some outstanding life stories to share. And for us to gain and live all that, with them, as much as we want.

Start looking at all the people around you, irrespective of their social strata, as a grand reservoir of knowledge to devour from 🙂 . Start feeling their drama,  incase you are bored like me 😛 .

Have a wonderful day friends.


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