essence of fragrance

I was travelling in the metro train today and all of a sudden a whiff of a particular fragrance took me off guard. It was similar to the fragrance that my husband used to wear aeons back when we were dating 🙂 . I was transported to that period, I felt I was back in that time. It wouldn’t have been for more than a few seconds, but the pleasure was immense 🙂 .

Does it happen with you also, with all sorts of smells and aromas around you? I read somewhere that smell creates the strongest ‘memory bonds’ !  I think its true.

A particular cardamom flavoured milk reminds me of long walks with my mother that we took to get something similar from a special shop 🙂 , and it must have happened over 30 years back!

The aroma of a particular flower reminds me of the night outdoor play sessions I had with my friends in my childhood, that fragrance was all around in the greens of our neighbourhood! Again, the memories to be cherished.

The aroma of certain foods do the same, they remind me of all the people, aunts, relatives  whose preparations would exude those smells.

I am sure you all would be having your own ‘special fragrance’ memories. Recollect some of those and smile  reminiscing 🙂 .



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