Love others for what they are, don’t abhor them for what they aren’t

As a human, I can try to accomplish a lot. I can learn and grow steadily, and this can go on forever. Inspite of this, I will still never  be able to do everything, perfectly ! I will be lacking somewhere, and I’ll not meet expectations many a times. 

At such times, our people should focus on what we do, love us for those things! 

However, many times, it becomes very easy to focus on unfinished areas, not appreciating what has been done. Don’t criticize and abhor for the unfinished. 

Love for what has been accomplished.
It is impossible for every human to be complelety perfect. So, lets do a favour on our loved ones, by loving them with their imperfections☺, their sluggish performance and unimaginable behaviour 😛 .


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