depths within

Life as such has been very confusing for me, for a long long time. For every enquiry, inquisitiveness and question, I was accustomed to looking for answers everywhere around me. The more I looked around, the more answers I got, of varying nature and complexities.The variation in the answers, to the same enquiry, led to plethora of confusion and dilemma. Some answers were in tune with my nature, and many were not! And this led to a feeling of being on the wrong boat so many times.

Nearing 40, I have realised that I need to look for answers inside of me. Within the depths of my existence.  As I practice getting deeper within myself, I get to explore a whole new world. A world that is more balanced and decipherable for me. A world where I am comfortable the way I am. Where there is no confusion,  my action is the right action, and I am sure about it. I don’t need validation from the outside world, that has been shrouding the reality from me  🙂  .

Practice listening to yourself. Get perspective from outside if you like, but base your decisions on the direction that you get from the depths within!

Have a wonderful evening lovely friends 🙂  .

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