We are born alone. We are going back alone. Yet, we spend so much of our time and energy  creating a virtual safety cover for ourselves. We create relations, friendships and associations for the smooth running of our daily lives. And we do it also thinking that we are always going to be held by these bonds, in the times of our difficulties and needs. It’s very good to have such a safety net. But we forget that as natural part of our lives, we are going to be alone in some of our most difficult and needy times! We would have to face many challenges, maybe tragedies alone. And that time will make us realise how important it is to also invest in strengthening ourselves, in being comfortable alone with ourselves. And the futility of creating too many dependencies around us.

All the safety net that we make, will not work out in the toughest of our times. Our pillars on which we lean so much, mayn’t be there when we search for them for support, not because they don’t want to, but because nature designs things to be like this. And this is going to happen, no matter how much we prevent it.

I read somewhere, that as we mature and age, we should get complacent with ourselves. Our close ones, friends, families are going to fade away on this long journey. And we are going to get lonelier. And this can hurt us less, if we start practicing being alone and comfortable with ourselves, the way we are.

A serious note to start the day with 🙂 . Have a wonderful weekend.

photo-credits, Jai 🙂 .

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2 thoughts on “lonely”

  1. Very interesting post. For a long time I thought and expected friends and family to help me in hard times. I realized that I needed to rely on myself to overcome difficulties. And I did once, and I was so proud of myself. I am going to keep all this in mind tonight (it’s our “reunion day”: we spend one evening a year all together) and try to make the most of every minute. Thank you. Have a great day! May


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