The first whiff of winters

Have you ever wondered how a brief intake of fresh air in the morning hours around this time of the year can make you forget all thats bothering you.

How its a subtle reminder of arrival of healthy season, the majestic Winters. The softness of the sun, the coolness in the breeze, the signs of life in  the greens all around, they all assure you that good days are just around the corner.

And this feeling recurrs year after year, like the nature’s cycle of good times.

I am reminded of the hot peanuts and popcorns sold by roadside vendors, to beat the cold. And how the boiling eggs and bread from the small stalls can do wonders to the appetite of people returning back from work.

The same whiff reminds me of the walks in the foggy freezing nights, clad in heavy woolens, while everybody else is nicely packed in quilts at home. And sitting in sunlight in balconies or neighborhood parks for hours together to soak in the warmth, not to forget the chat sessions at those times.

I am also reminded of the beginning of festivities. Starting with Dusshera , Diwali, Bhai dooj, Christmas, Lohri, to be finally culminated by Holi.It is a very long list.

So much to look forward to, I slyly smile breathing in that fresh fragrance of hope and health in the cool mornings, while the world passes me by on their daily routines.

Have a great weekend friends☺


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