So, what do you do when you are suddenly incapacitated, unable to do even the simplest of tasks? For one, it comes as a big shock. Because as long as all’s been well, you somehow feel you are unstoppable. And then, bang, you find it tough to even move your fingers. The feeling of ineptness is indescribable.

Everyday, how much I wish to get some extra time in bed. However now, having being forced to be in bed due to sickness, I just want to run around, keep walking. I definitely dont wan’t to be in bed now☺

I have understood how we take our everyday good health for granted. We suffer for futile and insignifant matters, most of which are creations of our own perceptions.We need to celebrate our good health, cherish it and be grateful for it.

There are some advantages of being stuck to bed though. One, great care by hubby dear😍 . Secondly , I get a chance to blog uninterrupted😀 .

Wishing great health to all you lovely people.


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