What is it that motivates or drives you, makes you look forward to the next moment, or next day? For me, this is the only  answer that’s crystal clear: it is the hope of seing my kids live another bright and joyous day. There is just no other substitute, for what takes me to the next step of my journey.

And this hope is potent, clear and devoid of  doubts. The hope is there not only for tomorrow, it is there for the distant future too. There are dreams of seing them as capable and real people. And the hope to be with them, in all this growing up and later😀 .

Well, the hope is not so clear when it comes to my ownself😋. Do we know anyone better than ourselves? Still, I am full of doubts when it comes down to me😀 . I may have had my peaks, the so called moments of glory . But it all looks miniscule when compared with the hope that we hold for our progeny!

Why can’t I be as enthusiastic about my tomorrow, as I am about them? I realise while writing this, that If they can make me look forward to another day, I can use them as an excuse to hope for a brighter tomorrow , for my ownself too ☺ . Well, easier said than done, but can be tried nonetheless 😀 .

Keep your hopes alive, day in and day out, for them, for yourself.☺


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