Silence in and around

Some people may think I am abnormal, not the usual chirpy social being. I cannot be in conversation with everyone, all the time. I am not comfortable when I am compelled to talk contrary to my mood. The moment has to be really perfect for me to strike a conversation😀 . So, now you know why I said I may have aberrant behaviour 😀 .

But I don’t believe I was always so noise intolerant. As the years passed, the chatter and confusion around became overwhelming for my petite persona to handle and assimilate. The outer commotion became daunting, and I gradually started retreating inwards. 

A beautiful retreat. Retreat to silence and  peace. Retreat to better understanding of what’s important to me and my loved ones. Silence offers way more to our realisations, than the bombardment of knowledge and trivia thats thrown into our faces all the time. Silence for me, is the most cherished and sort after experience. It culminates my day in a meaningful manner.

Silence enables the soul to hear that one sound completely. Like the only sound of waves on the beach. Or just the sound of rain falling. That single sound is magical, and can be heard only when all else is silent!

There are contraries sometimes 😀 . Silence can get intimidating and scary every once in a while. On acheiving the most sort after quiet moment, I sometimes start fretting instantly,waiting for my kids to spread the clamor and the blast 😀 . Exceptions happen.

Spend some peaceful and quiet moments with yourself everyday,  precious!



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