When your baby learns a rhyme

Or is it that the whole family learns it?☺

It isn’t just your kid’s assignment, it is a task for everyone closely associated. Little sister learns the lines along, mama gets into a repetitive loop of reminding the lines every now amd them. Didi keeps suggesting actions. And dad has the toughest job of all, to make the prop 😀 .

Its like a test for the whole flock! It’s no less than team work, with each member fulfilling its role with utter sincerity ☺ .

So, while the school  holds its own competition, the family reminisces the moments of preparation, and has its own celebration 😀 .

Some lingering questions, what’s it all actually worth, at this tiny age..? Would they remember? And most importantly, instilling a feeling of competition at this tender age, would that not put unprecedented pressure on the kid and affect his natural growth, his playfulness…? 

Photo credits- prop by Manik ☺


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