The power of prayer

Friends, I have been going through some excruciating pain for a couple of days now. Have tried the best medicines, rest, ointments and what not. And now sadly, I am beginning to lose confidence that  this pain is going to vanish soon 😢 .

My late mom used to say that praying solves all problems. And it worked for me really well while she was there to remind me and guide me. Her advice has gone a little behind in precedence purely because of her absence.

So, when nothing else provided relief from pain, I resorted to praying, finally! I have also heard that praying for self is imperative. Your whole family prays for you, but praying for self is equally important.

Call it the ‘pray’ antidote, connecting with your core or the Supreme. Its result is pretty evident. I am suddenly feeling way better, and am hopeful again ☺ . And I am also reminded of how praying had miraculous results for me in the past too.

Spend some moments praying for yourself today. Just closing your eyes,sitting in silence where ever you are and  asking for what you need ( I know it feels awkward to ask for your ownself), is all that’s required ☺ .


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