Pretentious is the new real

For many of us, our life has become a series of predetermined robotic reactions, to any kind of external stimulus. These reactions are formulated keeping in mind what’s expected of us, to be socially acceptable and likeable. Many a times, even we are not aware of how different we become from our true selves! 

We become pretentious and animated, for most of the day. Some of our reactions are so automated and replayed, that we don’t even recognize that they are outdated. We just say them out of habit ☺.

Is it not tough pretending so often? Does it not itch the soul? I feel very heavy internally sometimes when I need to curb my emotions, and behave in a certain cordial manner. And it happens so very often 😀 .

Kids are quick at catching your bluff. They ask so many questions, and don’t accept anything unless completely satisfied. So, you cannot pretend you are happy on meeting someone if the kid noticed  restlessness in the previous rendezvous . Avoid being around kids at such tricky moments 😀 .

Now that I think, pretending can be used to our advantage too. To avoid unprecedented questions, and to cut yourself some slack 😀 . You can pretend you are sick if you want to rest, that’s very helpful 😋 . You can pretend you are about to puke if something unappetizing is presented to you . The best one, you can pretend you are meditating, when you are actually sleeping, I do it all the time 😀 . 

Have a great Monday friends ☺ .

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