Existential dilemma

What exactly is existential dilemma, you may be wondering ☺ ? It’s the question that bothers us every once in a while ‘ the purpose of our life, why we are here ? ‘ and so on .

If I can recall, I got inflicted by this question at quite an early age, probably when I was just in school. And it would distract me from my path, making me consider all the efforts of learning and material aquisitions as futile. I started believing I was moving towards depression 😀 . But thankfully, it happened occasionally at that time !

These questions don’t really leave you , do they ☺ ? They occur during different phases of our lives. Generally, when you put in too much effort into something, and are not sure of its purpose. Then you begin to wonder ‘ why am I doing this ? ‘,  which leads to ‘ why am I here ? ‘.

I have observed that there are some places that instantly invoke these feelings. Like looking at the ocean undisturbed. Or while relaxing in the mountains. And maybe even while sitting in the moving train looking outside. Does it happen with you too 😀 ?

I recently read in a book that this question will keep erupting. We should give it a thought, but not try to get too deep. Because there is no specific answer. We need to carry on as usual! ☺

Have a great day lovely people ☺ .



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