Unfinished or another brick in the wall

Hello friends, today is the day to share some revelations, learnt the hard way ☺ .

While at work, there were jobs that I did well. But there were also many that I could’nt complete satisfactorily. Despite the right efforts, and sometimes maybe due to lack of it ☺ . These unfinished projects weighted heavily on me. As the list started growing,  the guilt increased, and at one point I could hardly breathe 😀 😀 . If I could, I would also try to destroy the unfinished, erase it completely from my memory. It doesn’t really work that way , does it ☺ ?

After series of failures and unfinished work, the revelations started! That though the work was unfinished, there was something learnt or gained that was used for something bigger! Code learnt, or technology understood was used later in something that was imminent and successful ☺ . So were other failures in life that led to completion of a bigger mission.

I am now pretty immune to imperfection, I draw solace from the fact that they are just drops in the bigger ocean of life, bricks that complete the bigger wall ☺ .

If you find this blog incomplete, its fine, now you know why 😋 .

Have a great day ☺ .

photo credits : Manik



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