What really belongs to us

A kid will never have any doubt about what belongs to him, he is sure that whatever is his parent’s, is his too. No second thoughts about that, the confidence is unshakable.

As he grows, he starts demanding things for himself, that would specifically belong to him. If his sister gets a bicycle, he should also acquire one of his own. However, the capacity to share and adjust is still high. He may consider some of his things as his sibling’s too  and vice versa. He is yet not very individualistic.

As grown ups, we want to start putting our stamp on as many things as possible. Things only for us. Own bank account, own house,  car, gadgets, jewellery, clothes, and the list just keeps increasing. 

They are a facade to keep up with the societal expectations. The pressure to maintain these also increases naturally.

So, what really belongs to us? Our parents possessions when we were kids, our own collectables as grown ups , or what our kids would deliver to us when we are aged? 

Is this list against our name important? Does it ensure long term happiness? Does it make us whole as a person? I am afraid, not!

 Lists are not constant, they fluctuate. We need constants in life to keep us happy. Like the voice of your mother, grip of your partner or the sparkle in your kids eyes ☺ .

And what happens if, God forbid, something like bad health, illfate, or some kind of a natural disaster snatches these belongings? Quiet scary right 😀 .

Lets stop depending too much on what belongs to us. They are not in our control, and keep changing with time.

Lets share what we have, in whatever capacity it is possible. Maintain a level of detachment with ‘ your ‘ belongings ☺ .

We can say that the trees belong to us, the rains are our treasure, and the giggle of our child is our possession. They are natural, they are gifts from God, and they belong equally to all ☺ . And probably impossible to lose 😀 .

photo credits:Manik



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