Are you graceful

Well, if I were to ask you who do you find graceful around you, would the answer come easily to you? If you are any bit like me, you would be as perplexed as I am ☺ .

The closest who comes to mind is my late mother. A doctor, draped in not so expensive a saree, with her hair neatly tied in a bun, she was the essence of grace. And for that matter, there were many women of that generation who looked extremely graceful despite their simplicity.  

I believe, it wasn’t just their attire. It was the calmness in their overall personality, the slowness, patience, genuine smile and concern, that actually brought about grace in them.

The same saree now has gone way too stylish, and so have other dresses. They appear to be more like  garbs to hide our fears and scars. I don’t see them adding any grace, maybe flamboyance.

Thankfully, there is still one lot, that retains its grace by virtue of its natural heartfelt smile, care and lack of fear. The kids! They manage to exude grace despite some unkempt hair, or jam on their innocent  faces ☺ .

By grace of God 😋 .

photo credits-Manik



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