The story of a surprise plant

A few months back, our kids got a little too intrigued by mud. They would not miss any chance of getting their hands dirty , trying to make something artistic  out of the dirt 😀 .

Dad dear got an idea,  and we decided to help kids plant some greens. This way kids  would get to play around with mud, and we may get something out of it ☺ . Not to forget, its a whole family activity.

So, we collected some left over earthern pots, bowls etc from our kitchen. Kids and dad got down to collecting mud, and pouring it in the pots. A dirty, messy and funfilled family project 😀 . 

We got some seeds from our kitchen,  fenugreek, garlic pods, chillies to name a few. Watering session was the last part, cannot forget the sludge all around ☺ .

Kids being impatient as they are, they expected to see the results soon, but that didn’t happen ☺ . They had to resort to patience!

We saw some of the leaves coming out in a few days,  it was time for celebration ☺ 

There was one plant , though, which my boy had planted and remembered, the basil, which didn’t show up 😅 😅 . Lots of disappointment for that one!

So, it was a big surprise for us, when a few days back, the same basil started growing profusely all of a sudden. It was getting the requisite sunlight and water as it sat next to the other pots.

This reminded me again, of the fact, that there isn’t any effort that ever goes wasted! We reap the benefits when the right time comes. And that inspired my message in our delhipicks page today ☺ 

Happy reading people ☺ .


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