Aloe vera friend

There are some things in life that when encountered, remind us of other things associated with them. A particular building structure may remind us of our childhood, mango trees may rekindle the memories of our visit to our grandparents mansion, luna on road may trigger a quiet laugh when you suddenly get the vision of your college days. For me, its the Aloe vera plant.

A friend, who is no more, introduced this impressive plant to me  . She told me about the properties of Aloe Vera. And in one of my visits to her place, she demonstrated its immediate effect on the skin.

Pluck the green twig, and spread the pulpy liquid that oozes out on your hand. See the radiance generated in an instance ! Its quite unbelievable .

She also gifted a pot of the same to me, to ensure that I made use of its gel regularly .

This blog is for you my friend, as long as Aloe vera lives, you will live in my memory  .


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