Smart phone my master

Smart phones are great, we all know that  â˜º . Our lives are so much  easier now, with all the help at the touch of our hand. 

We don’t need to worry about boredom anymore. We have so many online friends, we get to know them so well with all their online activity. Life is a bliss 😀 😀 .

Or is it? For me, there is another dimension also to it. I don’t pick up the phone when I want to. My phone dictates that 🙄 . Whenever there is an alert, the reaction is to forget what you are doing and get hold of the smartest thing ever made 😀  .And I don’t ever get bored now, thanks to gazillion bytes of data and info being presented to me, whether I like it or not ☺ .

I am slowly losing my creativity, my ability to think and evolve in the process. Why would I bother my brain if there is already so much out there for me to look at and keep me busy ☺ .

Absolute negative, kids are picking it up 🙄 . If they see us all the time on our devices, not responding or talking to  them with full attention, they believe that this is the way to be. Because we are their role models, and they follow us with full conviction ☺ .

Sometimes, I have this wierd vision. We are getting trapped or drawn into a maze of visible internet waves 😀 . And we are yelling for help. To be pulled out from the digital swamp. Into the freedom of laughter, interaction, playfullness and creativity of the real people in the real world ☺ ☺ .

For sometime, why don’t you decide when you will pick up the Smart lad, instead of running everytime it summons you 😀 😀. And let’s keep our phones down when we are with kids, they are real and want us to be real with them ☺ .

Have a great day friends ☺


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