The first rays of the sun

As I sit down in my balcony with my first cup of tea after getting kids lunch boxes ready, I  get a glimpse of the sun rising from the corner of my cup ☺ . I am mesmerized by the yellow-orange hue emanating from it, and spreading the sweet warmth slowly all across the horizon, as far as I can see.

The calmness and silence is  profound, and I feel myself becoming one with all that I see around. I feel like I am the wind, the sun and the shades around. I am inseparable from them ☺ .

I notice a bird resting on a wire running across two buildings, and I am suddenly taken back to my school days, when I would see such birds and wires in the wee hours while going to school. And I feel reassured ☺ . Reassured that certain things remain constant in life, while the world may keep changing!

Then I notice two birds peacefully perched on the same wire, being with each other, but not interacting in anyway. They appear content, just being next to each other. It’s how we feel complete and at peace when we are with our partner, just being there beside one another, not saying anything but understanding everything ☺ . 

Nature provides us with countless things and reasons to be satisfied and happy with, at each and every step of life. The effort to open our eyes and see them needs to come from within us ! ☺

Have a wonderdul weekend friends ☺.

Photo credits :Anand Handa


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