Being minimalistic

What is it that makes you happy? Or what is it that you think will make you happy? For me, it was always relative. If I got myself item a , I would be happy. Then it became item b, item c and so on.

Acquiring something or acheiving a feat provided momentary happiness. It immediately set a new bar, something else to own, do or acquire.

This is an infinite cycle. Momentary happiness, another lookout and struggle, and so forth.

It took me some time to figure out the futlility in all of it. After years of introspection , I found a way of getting out of this loop. It is by trying to be minimalistic.

Focus on getting and acquiring what is important for you. Don’t get or acheive anything because there is fad or others are doing it. Again, focus is the key. Focus on your need!

When you stop collecting unnecessary things, your life and space around is much less cluttered . You get better clarity and perspective on what’s actually essential. More space to breathe and move around, literally ☺ .

Have a great week ahead friends ☺ .


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