silver lining in money deficit

The chaos is going to end. Whether we believe it or not. Like every storm known. It does take time for ripples to settle down, when such major reforms are anticipated. We need to look past the present day to day discomfort, and hopefully look forward to a better and cleaner social setup.

We also need to let go of panic. Its evident from the past, its the fear of the unknown and change which is the real cause of anger and backlash. Its also known that rumors are also a major cause of unrest. We are a much more educated and aware society now, we should make conscious effort to neither believe nor spread speculations.

What has come out as the silver lining in the past few days, is the exemplary camaraderie shown by all the people around you. Can we imagine being cash deficient? Its a nightmare of sorts. But it is a reality today. 

People are doing their day to day jobs and business purely on the basis of trust and relationship. When a meagre earning vegetable vendor tells you, “its ok maa’m, don’t worry about paying, take whats important’, you see the real human values coming out, overwhelming sometimes. And there is a chain of trust that is virtually getting formed all around us. lets not ignore that ☺ .

Changes, small or major, are going to happen! They are inevitable. Its our reaction to them that’s in our hands. The human values that come to the fore at such times are persistent, they ensure overall wellness in every situation. In future too ☺ . 

Real value of money is very relative. What is high amount can turn into ashes in adverse situations. What then ensures safety? 

We need to invest in ourselves. We need to constantly improve our values. We need to keep learning, acquiring skills and knowledge.Building genuine relationships. Being part of an established system, like some group, community, spiritual congregation. Come what may, these cannot be snatched from us, and are our real saviours.

Lovely people, keep a firm grip on your panic button, lest you get drawn into the unrest ☺ .


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