My quest for my kids

I want my kids to be confident that they can stand up when they fall, that they can rebuild in case of adversity. I want them to trust in themselves, and believe that they have all that it takes to live a meaningful life.

I want them to trust their intellect, and I want them to get habituated to listen to their inner voice, their intuitive power.

I would need to cushion them, to create empty and clear space all around, to cut out the noice. So that they can see and feel their vision, find their strengths, and believe in their own vastness.

This will be tough. We live in a highly influencing and biased society. We get easily distracted, motivated one minute and demotivated in another. I would need to shelter them, and myself from this influence. We would need regular caliberation of where we stand on our journey, get back on track whenever distracted a little too much ☺ .

No line of work is good or bad on its own. Every success has gone through failures, and every failure is a step closer to success. If we can figure out what gets the best out in us, what drives us the farthest, then that is a good line of work for us ☺ .

I would want my kids to find out what’s best in them ☺ , what will push them farthest with true enthusism, what would make them face the failures without giving up. Tough one as I said ☺ , not impossible though!


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