High moral values percolate top to bottom, in any hierarchical system. So do insufficient ones.

This is evident in organizations. If the head of any establishment has  high human values, his subordinates have to follow them. In that case, the entire organization represents those values. People there are in harmony and in sync with the company’s values and goals.

Where the head team has derisive policies and convoluted beliefs, the organization is in a mess. Everything and everyone is unstable and confused.

Same is applicable at home front. If the elders are high on principles and discipline, it’s very unlikely that their progeny can escape imbibing those qualities.  And vice versa. 

In schools, a good teacher is always remembered by one and all. Their students then try to pass on those qualities further. A bad teacher corrupts the entire lineage of his learners.

This should be in the back of our minds, and our actions should be in accordance. If we want to see a change, we should take steps at our level, and let it percolate and spread naturally ☺ .  We sometimes feel that we are too small and our effort will not be enough. See it spread slowly, one at a time, but it will surely ☺.
Have a great weekend friends ☺



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