In a split second

The recent train tragedy reminds us yet again, that we can be here at a moment, and gone in the next. All depending on what fate is charted out for us. And that is a mystery for one and all ☺ .

This makes it all the more evident that each day of our life is a gift to be cherished and lived with gratitude. We all have some problems bothering us, missions unaccomplished, hindrances in our chosen path. That should not tarnish the beauty of each day and life that is so precious. This should always be in the back of our mind, the guiding star to keep us on a hopeful and positive track.

There is not a single desire or dream that cannot be fulfilled. We need to keep our energies focused on exactly what we want, not getting disheartened or distracted by failures and trivialities. People may not believe in your dream, probably because they don’t completely understand it. If you are clear, then keep pursuing, probably one step at a time.

While we could become history before we even realise, lets spread some love, laughter, friendship, hope and compassion. Who knows this may increase our chances of a better next life 😀 .

Have a great day friends ,  and enjoy this very moment ☺ .


Friends, I have started a new page, this time tech related. My experiences, favourites, software. Information that can be useful, fun, learning and much more 🙂 . I will be writing here regularly. Go to the page.


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