Changing faces of Delhi

My childhood memories of Delhi are simple,: big roads (many under construction), stand alone houses, DTC buses, vast playing areas (any empty nook and corner could be effectively used for fun), limited toys and supplies,  hot but bearable summers, extremely enjoyable winters. I don’t remember any major traffic snarls, people were generally more humane . Everyone knew everyone, such was the social life ☺ . Power cuts were a part of life, we were still a satisfied generation of kids. I could walk alone for long distances, without my parents going in shock 😀😀 .

Fast forward to this day, impressive modern infrastructure, maze of flyovers connecting the city. Educated, opinionated people who are aware of all that’s happening in the world. Delhi’s metro system has revolutionised the way this city works. The urban life has seen humongous change, multistory buildings, multiple fancy cars in each house, gadgets, clubs to name a few. 

Delhi also has another beautiful dimension to it. Its the historical monuments and places. This adds quite an interesting contrast to the modern side of the city. It still feels a little nostalgic when you cross the forts or tombs while you are on the move ☺ .

There is a darker side to this progress, we have become fearful . Kids now cannot move about freely without the parents getting restless about their safety, traffic and predators are always haunting our minds 😀 . Social life has gone for a toss, people living in vicinity may be strangers . Summers and winters have become more of a mystery, which is going to start when is somewhat a puzzle  now 😁 . Kids have all that can be imagined, they are still looking for more. The high cost of living is taking a toll on both physical and mental health 😢 .

If I were given an option of living in any other urban city in the whole world, I would say  big no ☺ . Small town life, maybe ☺ .

Have a great week ahead friends ☺

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Published by: Pooja Grover

If my blogs can make a single person feel better for a single moment, the purpose of sharing my knowledge is served to a great extent. I want to connect, gain, give, share and learn. I explore fields of technology, business, wellness and anything else that intrigues me.

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